Benefits from services of Automotive Experts from MOTOEXPERT Association

Rzeczoznawca Techniki Samochodowej Motoexpert

Wishing to obtain satisfactory indemnity after an accident on the territory of Germany, the injured person should consider using services of the automotive experts from Stowarzyszenie Miedzynarodowych Rzeczoznawców Techniki Samochodowej (Association of International Automotive Engineering Experts) MOTOEXPERT with registered office in Kielce. The automotive experts from MOTOEXPERT Association perform their services in an objective, independent, rightful and fully professional way. Thanks to such services, claiming the post-accident indemnity from the German Insurance Companies with participation of the experts does not make any problems to the injured persons.

The opinions prepared by the automotive experts from MOTOEXPERT Association are fully objective and the German Insurance Companies accept them, due to which the injured person may obtain satisfactory indemnity after an accident in Germany or after an accident with a foreigner (a German) in Poland, so it is always worth to use assistance of a professional and independent automotive expert after a car accident

The services performed by the automotive engineering experts of MOTOEXPERT Association help to obtain indemnity and thus the injured persons avoid a lot of problems as well. The indemnity may be obtained much easier and faster when turning to the partner automotive experts of MOTOEXPERT Association in Germany who will prepare the technical opinion, thanks to which the post-accident indemnity may be more favourable for the injured person than in case when the injured party turns to a Polish automotive expert or to an expert of the Insurance Company on the territory of Poland for the same purpose.

The automotive experts (also the German ones) from Stowarzyszenie Międzynarodowych Rzeczoznawców Techniki Samochodowej MOTOEXPERT are specialists and render independent services relating to motor hull loss adjustment and they have been providing assistance to Poles injured in road accidents on the territory of Germany for many years. The experts of MOTOEXPERT Association, among their numerous services, prepare car valuations and also prepare technical opinions, post-accident car repair cost calculations and verifications of the already prepared expert opinions and technical opinions as well as perform a lot of other services.

After a road accident on the territory of Germany or after an accident with a foreigner on the territory of Poland, it is necessary to take immediate action. The injured person – wishing to obtain the due and full indemnity – should use the offer of the automotive experts from MOTOEXPERT Association, who in a professional and reliable way assist the persons injured in accidents on the territory of Germany and injured in accidents with foreigners in Poland through preparation inter alia of German technical opinions

Why is it worth to use the services of the experts of MOTOEXPERT?

The experts who are members of MOTOEXPERT Association are experienced and professional specialists performing expert services to the benefit of the persons injured in road accidents. Their assistance will certainly allow the injured person to avoid unnecessary problems after an accident in Germany, Austria or Switzerland.