Stowarzyszenie Międzynarodowych Rzeczoznawców Techniki Samochodowej (Association of International Automotive Engineering Experts) MOTOEXPERT

Rzeczoznawca -Opinia techniczna

Stowarzyszenie Międzynarodowych Rzeczoznawców Techniki Samochodowej MOTOEXPERT is an organisation that consists of certified experts as well as of court experts and automotive engineering experts in the country and abroad. However, also persons closely connected with and actively operating in the automotive industry may be found among the members of the Association

MOTOEXPERT Association bases its activity to a large extent on provisions of the international law and it gathers information from the law of the European Union. Yet, the greatest advantage possessed by each member, specialist and automotive expert associated in MOTOEXPERT Association is long-term experience and substantial knowledge of partner automotive experts and automotive engineering experts.

The main task realised by the members of MOTOEXPERT Association is providing opinions on motor losses after car accidents in the country and abroad, preparing post-accident repair cost estimations and assistance in the loss adjustment process addressed to persons injured in road accidents (inter alia with participation of lawyers from the list of the Association). One of the most important objectives of activity of the Association – apart from the already mentioned ones – is conducting works and activities aimed at legal changes relating to remuneration of automotive experts and court experts in Poland as well as to inclusion of the costs of a post-accident technical opinion of an independent automotive expert and costs of legal service of the injured person in the scope of the motor loss.

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